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Radar Sign Purchased to Reduce Speeding

September 26, 2020

Traffic speed is a problem in neighborhoods. Historic Southwood Park has unique challenges.

Our beautiful, winding streets are not suited to the standard 30 MPH Fort Wayne speed limit.  Limited sight-lines, narrow lanes, and lots of parked vehicles make legally travelling the speed limit risky.  Driving faster than the speed limit is downright dangerous.

The Board of Directors listens to concerns and is tackling speeding.  Here are some of the ways we work to reduce speeds:

  • Education:  Most speeders inside the neighborhood live in the neighborhood.  Newsletter articles and Facebook posts about speeding help educate drivers about the problem.
  • Awareness:  The Association purchased “DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS (or PETS) LIVE HERE” signs that were in the neighborhood, especially during the Rudisill detour.  These signs remind drivers on the road.
  • Patrolling:  We have asked FWPD to conduct traffic patrols.

The Association added a new tool this week:  a TrafficLogix radar speed sign.  Southwood Park is the first association in Fort Wayne to purchase a radar sign.

The City owns two data-collecting, battery-powered signs that are moved around Fort Wayne.  FWCS also owns a battery powered sign that is moved weekly to various school locations.  We will cooperate with City of Fort Wayne Traffic Engineering to move our sign to key points in Southwood Park weekly.  Our sign is solar powered to avoid dead-battery downtime.  Our model can display more than numbers, so it will display a smiley face as positive reinforcement for cautious drivers – and SLOW DOWN for speeders.  🙂

These signs collect traffic counts and speeds.  The data will be available to the City and Southwood Park.  Having this data will help convince officials that there is more than just a perception of speeding.

We think it will have a positive influence on drivers.

But as we mentioned, our beautiful, curving streets are not suited to the standard 30 MPH Fort Wayne speed limit.  That is why the Board is currently exploring a 25 MPH Neighborhood Speed Limit.  This may involve collecting signatures, so if you’d like to help in that effort, send us an email at

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