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Sign the Petition to Reduce Neighborhood Speeds

December 29, 2020

Did you know 30MPH is the standard speed limit in Fort Wayne?

The petition will lower the neighborhood speed limit to 25MPH for greater safety throughout Historic Southwood Park, Historic Fairmont, and Historic Foster Park neighborhood associations. The boundaries will be easy to understand through our shared streets.  All association streets will be 25MPH except Fairfield and Pettit Avenues. Those two are arterial and collector streets.  Southwood Park purchased a radar speed sign, allowing Traffic Engineering to include Old Mill Road, a  collector street, in our petition. City traffic engineers are allowing us to pursue this petition by mail.  We appreciate their flexibility.

Please sign the petition!  It is an easy way to help make our streets safer for pedestrians, children, pets, cyclists, and parked vehicles.  When 51% of residents sign the petition, it will go to the Board of Works. Signs will follow their final approval. 

Speeding is a perennial concern residents share with the board.  The Association has raised speed awareness with residents, posted safety signage, requested increased traffic enforcement, and purchased a radar speed sign in our strategy to make our streets safer.  This petition is the next step, and you get to help!    Please fill out and return the Petition Form on page 4 of your January 2021 Southwood Park News with your yearly dues statement. 







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