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2020 in Review: Historic Southwood Park Board Remains Active in Pandemic

December 31, 2020

Social distancing changed how the Board met in 2020.  Some meetings were held in front yards, some were on Zoom, and one was at the Main Library with everyone spread far, far apart…   But the Board still found ways to get things done!  Here are some highlights:

  • Radar speed sign purchased—new
  • Neighborhood Flag debut—new
  • Dumpster Day—new program x 2!
  • TV and Tire Amnesty Day—new
  • Tree Seedling giveaway—new
  • Winter “Night of Lights”—new
  • 38 City Street Trees purchased by Southwood Park
  • Roundabout and Westover rewired for electricity
  • Roundabout lighted again for holidays
  • Pocket Gardens kept healthy and happy
  • We worked to keep contractors accountable on water line construction.
  • Association was an active member of the Packard Area Planning Alliance (PAPA) and the Southwest Area Partnership (SWAP) partnering with other associations near us, and throughout the southwest quadrant.

It takes a team to make these things happen, and I’d like to thank all the board members and volunteers for their dedication, in keeping Historic Southwood Park a great place to live.  Scott Marker is leaving the board, and we can all thank him for great work with social events. During his time on the board, we began having “Flamingo Friday” gatherings and reinvented the Summer Block Party.  We’ll miss his sense of fun and can-do attitude.  Thank you, Scott!

The Board will welcome two new board member volunteers next year:  Karen Bailey on Beaver Avenue and Sam Welch on Old Mill Road.  We have a lot in store for 2021, but there is plenty of room for more helpers.  Let us know how you can help in survey question #13.

2021 will be another great year in Southwood Park!

Steve McCord, Board President


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