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Water Main Replacement Begins on South Wayne and Tacoma Avenues

January 8, 2021

City Utilities has begun Phase 2 of the Arlington-Sherwood Area Water main replacement project.  This will take place on South Wayne and Tacoma Avenues in Southwood Park and Fairmont.  Wondering why they are doing this?  There have been dozens of water main breaks in the area in the last few years.  In fact, there was another break this week on South Wayne north of Pasadena.

Here are some recent highlights from an email from City Utilities:

  • Crews are wrapping up marking of utility lines and sidewalk slabs that will be temporarily removed during construction.
  • Staging will take place in the yard area of the Summit property on the north side of Rudisill.
  • Work is expected to begin next week. [Editor: It has, in fact, already begun.]
  • As part of the project the intersection of Maple Grove and South Wayne will close for about two months.  [Editor:  This is weather dependent.  It could take longer.]
  • We are just starting to get forms back from property owners wanting to replace their private service line.

Watch for a letter from City Utilities in the mail.  Please return the forms about water service line replacement.

Expect a mess and delays in the area.  If you don’t live there, you’ll be better off driving an alternate route.

Feel free to send questions during construction to Nick Rupley at  If problems are unresolved and persist, please inform the association at

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