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Sewer Rehabilitation Work Coming to Historic Southwood Park

March 2, 2021

We appreciate investments in our infrastructure, even the ones we can’t see!  Sewer work is beginning in Southwood Park.

You may have received a flyer already if work will commence on your block.

City press release follows:

Pipe-Lining Less Disruptive Method for Sewer Improvements
Within the next month, a contractor working for Fort Wayne City Utilities will be making sewer
improvements in a few areas of your neighborhood. An innovative process known as “cured-in-place”
pipe (CIPP) or pipe lining will be used to rehabilitate certain sections of badly deteriorated sewer lines
and manholes. Instead of digging up and replacing the old pipe, the CIPP process lets the contractor
insert a special lining inside the existing pipe, creating a new smooth-surfaced, long lasting pipe inside
the old sewer.
The first step in the process will involve a general survey of the area where the project will take place, to
ensure current conditions will not be altered. The contractor – SAK Construction – may send a crew into
the neighborhood to make a visual survey and/or videotape of existing conditions above the sewer lines to
be fixed. You may see workers in existing public easements in front of, beside or behind your home.
They may take photographs or use a video camera to document existing conditions. These employees
will be wearing yellow safety vests and will have identification. If you have any concerns about their
activities, please call 311. You may also ask them to produce their identification.
The next step in the pipe lining process, which may happen a few days to a few weeks later, is cleaning
and measuring the sewers that will be rehabilitated. Typically this work will be done from the street, but
crews may also need access to easements in front of, beside or behind your home. They will use the
existing manholes without any excavation needed. Again, the contractor’s employees will be wearing
safety equipment such as yellow vests, they will be in marked vehicles and they will have identification.
Shortly after the sewers are cleaned, the actual installation of the pipe liners will begin. You will receive
a door hanger or a letter from SAK Construction at least 24-hours prior to the beginning of the work. The
door hanger will further explain the lining process and will give you specific information about the period
of time when you will be asked to limit your water use. The length of time varies, but is typically a few
hours. This work is all completed through the existing manholes, without the need to perform any
excavation. The actions suggested by the contractor will help protect your plumbing during the lining
process and will help minimize disruption and inconvenience to you. The door hanger will also include
the name and contact information for the project crew leader who can work with you to answer questions
or resolve any issues.
City Utilities appreciates your understanding and cooperation as we work to improve our service to you.
If you have any questions or need more information before the project begins in your neighborhood,

please contact the City’s Project Manager, Khylei Myers, at (260) 427-2597

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