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Neighborhood Seedling Tree Program Coming Soon

March 19, 2021

The trees of Historic Southwood Park are always one of the “top assets”, literally and figuratively, in our neighborhood surveys!  We have to plant new trees to help maintain it.

The Association will have five varieties of upland hardwood trees available for you to plant.  There will be 20 seedlings of each variety.  Addresses where they will be available will be announced soon.  Do you have a space to plant one?  Give it enough space to grow, away from buildings, and at least 15 from utilities.  Plan now!  Keep watching this website and our Facebook page for the announcement trees have arrived.  Locations will have a sign like this:

White oak   

Black oak   

Scarlet oak   

Chestnut oak   

Shagbark hickory   

Here are instructions for planting your tree in PDF form:  Tree planting instructions

Once upon a time, parts of Southwood Park were covered in valuable trees.  The developers referred to our area as a “forest primeval”.  The photo below shows a map of a small portion of the neighborhood, the 4200 block of Tacoma Avenue.  All of the dots on the map were mature trees that existed at that time. White Oak was the most common tree on the map.  Many came down as houses were built, and many others died over the last century. Of all the dots on the map of that block, less than half a dozen still stand.

We want to replenish that valuable canopy!  You can give one of these “tree babies” its forever home.  The Association also helps our tree canopy with other programs, like our Emerald Ash Borer treatments, our support of the City Street Tree Program (do you want a free street tree planted in your park strip?), and the purchase of some larger trees this spring for the Westover Road esplanade to replace the ones lost to old age.
Let’s keep the WOOD in SouthWOOD Park!


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