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Trees Now Available

March 24, 2021
Our shipment of bare root 1-2 year old saplings from the Indiana DNR Forestry Division has finally arrived!
Growing mature trees from young saplings takes time and effort but the rewards are huge!  This year we are offering 5 species of trees that will not only benefit our neighborhood but also native birds, mammals and pollinators.
Below are the addresses of Beautification Committee members and the tree species they are hosting. You will also find information sheets to help you with planting and a fact sheet about your chosen tree.
White Oak – Steve McCord – 4125 Indiana Avenue
Shagbark Hickory – Sierah Barnhart – 4617 Arlington Avenue
Black Oak – Sam Welch – 4717 Old Mill Road
Scarlet Oak – Kim Fenoglio – 1301 Sunset Drive
Chestnut Oak – Erika Stuller – 1125 W. Lexington Avenue

Planting instructions:  Tree planting instructions

Happy planting and thank you for your commitment to our tree canopy!
– Sierah
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