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Beautification Volunteers Needed: Native Plants Pollinator Garden to be Installed at South Wayne and Pettit

June 3, 2021

Sean Nolan, a Southwood Park resident and owner of Sanctuary Native Landscapes, will be installing a native garden at the intersection of S. Wayne & Pettit Ave. This investment ($1,736.50) has been approved by the Board of Directors we’re hoping that residents will be as excited about it as we are. Attached you will find our most recent rendering from Sean. This is what the bed will look like except the front rounded edge will be cleft phlox instead of black chokeberries. In order to make this garden a success we will need several reliable volunteers over the next month or so.

Task 1: Prep on Sunday June 6, 2021 at 10:00 AM We will be renting a sod cutter from Do It Best on S. Calhoun in order to expand the current footprint of the bed. We will also be moving a large boulder from the bed and taking it one block over to the Tacoma and Pettit pocket garden. Sod can be taken to any of our park strips that have low and or bare spots that need filled. Any excess can be offered to residents who may need it.

Task 2: Consistent Watering Sean Nolan and a couple of his staff members will be installing the bed within the next 2-3 weeks. Once installed it will need consistent watering for the following 4 weeks to make sure the plants are established and can survive the heat of summer. 

During this time we will need volunteers to thoroughly water the installation daily (unless it rains). This can be done at a convenient time for you but the plants would likely enjoy an early morning or late evening watering. Once installed, I will send out a signup sheet where you can select however many days are able to help with. 
Unless you can reach the bed with a hose from your home, the easiest way to transport water to the bed will likely be lidded 5 gallon buckets or water bladders that you can then pour into watering cans. 
The success of this installation will require a large volunteer effort but the rewards will be huge! Please let me know if you are available to help this coming Sunday with bed prep.

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