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Association Information

This website is maintained by the Historic Southwood Park Neighborhood Association, Incorporated. We are located near Foster Park on the near southwest side of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Our Association has over 700 member homes in a beautiful wooded section of land. Our entire Association is included in the Southwood Park National Historic District, which is the largest National Register District in the northern 2/3 of Indiana!


Historic Southwood Park has Restrictive Covenants! Our Restrictive Covenants cover several things including fences, trees, and RENTAL PROPERTY RESTRICTIONS. In a nutshell, only properties that were rental properties in January 2006 can legally be rented. Those properties are grandfathered as rentals, until such time they become owner-occupied homes and lose that grandfathered status. ANY home that was owner-occupied at the time of adoption CANNOT BE RENTED. These restrictions have been approved by Allen Circuit Court. The Indiana Supreme Court upheld similar rental restrictions recently in a case involving an association in Kokomo. These restrictions are on file with the Allen County Recorder. You may view a PDF of the file here: SouthwoodParkCovenants


Historic Southwood Park has hired Above & Beyond Community Management to handle the maintenance and collection of annual dues.  You may contact them with your questions at 490-2226 or

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions regarding the Association, please e-mail us at

Board Roster 2020 PDF

Historic Southwood Park is security patrolled. Our Association hires a private security firm, Allen Protection Services, to conduct multiple random security patrols of the entire neighborhood every day of the year. Part of the security service includes vacation checks of your home while you are away. Call 747-7700 to arrange a vacation check.

Important Documents:

Constitution – amended, Bylaws amended.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Agenda, and Treasurer’s Reports:

2014:    SWP Agenda, 09.10.14      SWP check register 09.08.14     SWP profit and loss 09.08.14      SWP balance sheet 08.14       SWP Minutes, 07.16.14 – revised draft      SWP Minutes, 05.15.14   SWP Minutes, 01.16.14

2013:          UNOFFICIAL SP Minutes 09.13     SP Treasury 09.13     Pillars presentation     SP Agenda 09.13     SP Minutes 07.13     SP Agenda 07.13     SP Minutes 05.13     SP Treasury 05.13     SP Membership 05.13     SP Agenda 05.13     SP Treasury 04.13     SP Minutes 03.13     SP Treasury 03.13     SP Agenda 03.13     SP Minutes 02.13     SP Agenda 02.13

2012:           SP Treasury 12.12     SP Minutes 11.12     SP Treasury 11.12      SP Minutes 09.12      SP Treasury 09.12     SP Minutes 07.12     SP Treasury 07.12     SP Minutes 05.12     SP Agenda 03.14.12       SP Treasury 03.12     2011 Year End Treasurer’s Report     SP Minutes 1.11.12

2011:          SP Minutes 11.02.11     SP Minutes 09.07.11     SP Minutes 07.06.11     SP Treasurer Q2.11     SP Minutes 05.04.11     SP Treasurer Q1.11     SP Minutes 03.02.11     SP Minutes 01.19.11

2010:     SP Treasurer Q4.10     SP Minutes 11.03.10     SP Minutes 07.07.10     SP Minutes 05.05.10     SP Treasurer Q2.10

SP Minutes 03.03.10    SP Minutes 01.13.10

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