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SWAP agenda for February

February 11, 2010

SWAP (Southwest Area Partnership) will meet at 7pm February 17 at Bethany Lutheran Church. While all residents are welcome to attend these meetings, only one “designated voter” from each Association is allowed. Southwood Park’s designee this month is Board Member Dick Beam.

Street repair and lighting, and homeowner programs from the Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services are the main topics. Here is the agenda: SWAP Agenda Feb 2010.

Here is a link to this month’s BZA notes:

Board of Directors election results

February 10, 2010
The ballots were counted last week for the Board of Directors election. We had six candidates. There were five three-year terms contested and one two-year vacancy to fill. The results follow:
Ryan Keirns                        221            three years
Pat Thomson                      216            three years
Steve McCord                    212            three years
Steve Nagy                         207            three years
Cheryl McCarthy              156            three years
Kelly McCaulley                154            two years
Thank you to all voters and all candidates!

Snow, snow, snow

February 9, 2010

I know it should seem common sense, but these two points always bear repeating this time of year:

  • Please keep an eye on our neighbors who may have a hard time clearing their walks and drives. There are many elderly who could use a hand.
  • If you are able to park off the street, it will make snow removal for city crews much easier. After plows are able to clear main streets, they will move to side streets. Our city crews do a great job! If we can make their job any easier by removing vehicles from the street and keeping them off the street, we’ll be rewarded with fewer walls of snow to navigate.

Casa D’Angelo to close

February 8, 2010

Bad news… Casa D’Angelo on Fairfield will close on February 20th.

My family is sad to hear this. My daughters are always asking to go to Casa – and have always been willing to be on “extra-special-good-behavior” to earn a trip there.

Kids or no kids, I’m sure you feel as we do. We will all miss Casa’s!

See also:

How should trash and recycling be done in Fort Wayne?

February 6, 2010

Do you have opinions about the next City contract for trash and recycling services? Do you, for example, want to see weekly recycling in a single bin?

Feel free to submit your opinions to the Association. We will forward the opinion of the Association to the committee that has been formed to investigate the matter. You can also contact the committee directly.

The following is a City press release:

Group Looks at Garbage and Recycling Practices

Fort Wayne , Ind. –   Mayor Tom Henry is asking community leaders to assist in defining the criteria for the garbage and recycling contract.  The mayor recently formed a Solid Waste Contract Committee that includes Neighborhood Partnership representatives, members of City Council and representatives from the Public Works department. 

“This is a strong group of diverse voices that are closely tied to listening to and representing the public, and taking public input. I believe they will come up with solid recommendations that will be good for the City,” said Mayor Tom Henry.

The committee includes three council members and four neighborhood partnership leaders – all are leaders who speak frequently with the residents of Fort Wayne .

The group is examining solid waste collection and recycling practices in the City including the study of recycling incentive programs, collection processes and bid specifications for the recycle/garbage contract. 

The group will meet through mid-year before making recommendations to be included in the bid document.  The committee will remain in place to assist in preparing the bid document, reviewing prospective bids and finally, recommendations to the Board of Works and the City Council.

Committee Members include: Adrienne Mauer – Southwest Neighborhood Partnership Chair, Bill Crowley – Southeast Neighborhood Partnership Chair, David Kohli – Northeast Neighborhood Partnership Chair, Rod Vargo – Northwest Neighborhood Partnership Co-Chair, Liz Brown –City Council Member – At-large, Karen Goldner – City Council Member – 2nd District, Glynn Hines – City Council Member – 6th District, Bob Kennedy – Director of Public Works, Matt Gratz – Solid Waste Program Manager.

 A strong solid waste collection and recycling program is critical to the City. Last year the city collected 98,210 tons of garbage and 9,097 tons of recyclable products from Fort Wayne neighborhoods.

You can have a voice in Downtown design standards

February 2, 2010

There will be an open house for public viewing and comment on Downtown design standards. It will be February 11, 4 to 6:30 in Meeting Room C of the Main Library. See the attachment for more information: DowntownDesignOpenHouseflyer2[1]

Historic Southwood Park is only minutes from Downtown. We Southsiders need to make our voices heard on the subject because as downtown thrives, our nearby entertainment and business options grow!

Beautification meeting: February 3

February 2, 2010

ANYONE  is welcome to join us for a Beautification Committee meeting!

We will have one tomorrow, February 3rd at 7PM. It will be held at Pat Thomson’s house, 1321 Sunset Drive. Phone 456-7468 for more information.

We will set the schedule for beautification days, discuss Dirt Day plans, boulevard fertilization, street trees, sidewalks and any other beautification or improvement topics.


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